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I'm right there with the two of you on this as we have the same issues as well concerning hole sizes, etc in thicker material. If I program a DXF inside our new Trumpf Laser Controller, once it knows the material and thickness it does exactly what you are talking about automagically. However, we don't use their offline programming software so it's not a viable solution. Frank look into Boost and see if they indeed do that offline as well. We can't have our operator programming all the thick plate out on the machine.


If there was a way to accomplish this with NX material databases, we would still need a customizable method to pass the geomtry along so that a CAM system will read it properly and etch instead of cutting the geometry.  Currently our CAM solution will do this, but it has to be on a specific layer name when it's imported to work. Something I don't think NX can accomplish at this point. Or can they?


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