Re: Rapid Dimension specifically for Sheet Metal...

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Hi guys,


I understand what Frank wrote, reproduced a similar example and can confirm. I also asked around here and this topic was already discussed amongst our users before.

We changed last November from NX 8.5 to 10. I reproduced the example in NX 8.5, NX 10, NX 11.

In NX 8.5 there is "Inferred Dimension". In 10/11 there is "Rapid Dimension".

Our users complain about the Rapid Dimension in NX 10. They say the Inferred Dimension in NX 8.5 was much better, I totally agree. It seems in NX 11 it improved a little bit - but it's just my personal feeling.

Users say here in NX 10 it "always" selects the "wrong" intend.

And it's not limited to Sheet Metal. In Solid Modeling it's the same story.

Until now I didn't open any ER about it, it's not the highest priority.