Re: Rapid Dimension specifically for Sheet Metal...


There has been substantial conversation already on the forum since the arrival of NX9. With Dave Wingrave involved.

Some of the issues have been addressed in a way. And with other issues we found a solution by having some macro's written.

And as you noticed, some issues are still standing. I'll keep the "bashing" for the beta test. Smiley Wink


This is the problem: NX can do what you want. But then comes the user experience; For development everything works fine if you click in the correct item each time. clickedyclick-mousetravel-mousetravel-escape-reselect-click-mousetravel-click.... and this with many dimensions, on each draft, every day... Do I lose hours per day? No. But I do lose my smile when I see this every day. Hard to explain. And the experience used to be different and better up to NX8.5.


I really hope that Dave Wingrave is going to be in Cypress, because that is another reason for wanting to attend in Cypress.


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