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Pick and Place working parallel v2


I've encoutred problem with Pick and Place working parallel, here is my model:screen z planta.png

There are 2 possible routes for MUs:

1. Help => P&P => Machine1 => P&P => Machine2 => P&P => Buffer

2. Help => P&P => Machine3 => P&P => Machine4 => P&P => Buffer


I figured it out how to make P&P work with many different stations, but problem occures when all 4 stations are processing/setting up in same time. When Machine1 or Machine3 ends its work before Machine2/Machine4 (so we have for example Machine1,2,4 working and Machine 3 ended its work), P&P picks MU from this Machine and placed MU back on it (because next Machine is working), so this Machine processes MU again. After that usually Machine2 or Machine4 ends its work and everything is back to normal.


Hope someone understands my problem and can help my with that.

Best regards

Who Me Too'd this topic