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Okuma Multus Post Builder Milling Post. Coordinates transformation


Hello all!!!


I'm trying to do post for Okuma Multus B200 in NX Post Builder. This is mill-turn machine. As explained in tutorials about mill-turn posts I created two posts - one for lathe and second for milling operations.

With building lathe post i dont have serious problems yet but with milling part I got it.


I have one BIG quesion.


I need to mill pocket which has an angle with, for example X axis. On Multus X axis directed to top and coincides with direction of M-tool spindle (mill spindle), z-axis coinsides with lathe spindle, and y axis is perpendicular to both and directed to CNC operator.


In NX i have created cylynder in machine coordinate system. And created two milling operations. First for milling pocket in z-y plane so that the mill spindle directed by X axis. Second milling operation for creating pocket inclined at an angle in X-Y plane. When I do postprocessing NX give me coordinates and angles of tool tip in machine coordinate system (MCS).


Because in the first case direction of the mill spindle in NX MCS coincides with X direction of M-tool spindle of Multus i don't need to do coordinate transformation. But in second case I need. If, for example, in second case i need pocked inclined at an angle by 30 degrees from vertical X axis I can program in post for output G-code (M110 G138 C30) to rotate workpiece  by 30 degrees so that the pocket normal axis will be coinsided with X axis of okuma in reality. But wich MOM function i must to implement to convert raw output coordinates from NX MCS to Multus MCS i dont know.


Or maybe i need to implement for each mill operation its own MCS in NX and apply some MOM functions in post to go from one coordinate system to other?

Who Me Too'd this topic