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Opening Posted Output using another Editor

I've read the previous threads regarding the Tcl commands needed to open a post file in another editor (e.g. CIMCO) once posting is complete.  Those threads are a bit old and are closed for no reply, so I'm raising a followup question here.  I've been able to successfully replicate this functionality using the command:


exec {C:/CIMCO/CIMCOEdit6/CIMCOEdit.exe} $mom_output_file_full_name


with one annoying issue.  When the "exec" command is fired it causes NX to suspend until the editor (and file) are closed out.  Only then is control returned to NX.  This was noted in the old threads as a possible issue with Dual Core processors.  Is there a fix for this now?  Please advise.


I'm hoping there's a way to make this work cleanly.




Who Me Too'd this topic