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Solid edge free trial - no activation code in e-mail

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I have downloaded the free trial of solid edge, no problem. The e-mail I recieved states that the activation code is within the e-mail but it is not there?

This is the e-mail:

Thank you for considering Solid Edge and downloading a trial version. Included in this version is award-winning synchronous technology that has proven successful in helping companies like yours design better.

If you have downloaded the trial, the Solid Edge icon should appear on your Windows desktop. Just double click the icon to begin. To start your download again, click here.

First download Solid Edge to your computer and install by double clicking the downloaded file. After installation, then start Solid Edge. A license warning dialog will display, dismiss it and a second "Solid Edge License Utility" dialog will display. Within that dialog choose the option "I have an activation code." An "Activation Code" field will display, just enter your activation code listed in this email. Use Copy and Paste to ensure it's entered correctly. You must also designate a machine name; enter any appropriate name. Once this information is entered click "OK" and Solid Edge may be run.

If you have any questions or issues with the installation process, you may access the online community for support. Sign up and get support in the Solid Edge community.

Best regards,

The Solid Edge team

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