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Movie Capturing, time-sync, high resolution, cameras

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Dear creative experts,

because some people are asking for capturing movies, I believe they are not aware of the download-section. There is an entry named "High Quality Movie Capturing".

I'm taking the opportunity to move my project over to this thread now, pls ignore the other download location from now.


  • Please be aware, that MovieCapture is not an officially supported feature-pack.
    So the only support for it is THIS thread on the forums.


Movie Capturing

  • Capture movies in any resolution, framerate and duration needed
  • Adjustable compression in h.264-format, in selectable containers like mp4/mkv/wmv
  • Synchronized with the simulation-time, or if needed slower or faster
  • Produce movies in side-by-side-stereo for playback on stereo capable devices
  • Introducing cameras, camera-views and camera-motion during simulation
  • Fast and easy modelling of camera pathes, saved as operations
  • Use camera like a robot or in a flow-operation or simply attach it to an object
  • Add overlays to add information and protect your property
  • support's PS/RE/PSonTC) from 10.1, for x86 and x64 architecture
  • little Bonus: a button that slows PS down to real-time on versions older than 12.1

Attached MovieCapture-package includes:

  • Manual for installation and operation
  • dll's and configuration files to be copied into \eMPower folder
  • ffmpeg executable (opensource from
  • 2 simple demo-movies
  • a link to Bino, a free stereo-movie-player, allowing to play stereo on non-stereo displays

Comments, Kudo's, created movies and anything that pushes my motivation to continue the project is highly appreciated ;-)



Who Me Too'd this topic