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NX 10: Error While Creating Variable Radius Edge Blend

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Version: NX MP3
Has anyone else experienced the following error while trying to apply a variable edge blend in thier NX 10 session?

The error happened when I was trying to create an variable radius edge blend using variable blend pts. along a tangent set of edge curves.
-Tangent curves selected
-Individual Pts were selected at variable radius size locations and given varying sizes.

The warning message that pops up reads as:
"Modeler error: calling KI before the previous call completes"

After the initial warning dialogue pops up and the user selects "OK" the dialogue just continues to pop up and NX must be shut down by using the Task Manager in Windows.

Michael Pinto | Designer
NX11|Windows 10 Enterprise 64bit|HP Z-Book Studio G3 Workstation|Intel XEON E3-1505M|32GB Ram|Nvidia Quadro M1000m w/4GB
Who Me Too'd this topic