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Random number generation issue

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Dear community members,

I crated a model with 7 sources (model 01). Each source has its own continuous empirical distribution and seed number (seed 1 for the first source, seed 2 for the second …). The source produces a customer and each customer sets the wanted product quantity in a user defined attribute called “random”.  The wanted quantity is recorded in  a table called “wantstable_simplified”.


I created a model copy (model VS2) and the only different thing is the parallelproc cycle time. In this model (model VS2) the customer coming from the first source (sourcecheeseburger) generate the same numbers in the wantstable as in the first model, while the customers from the second source (sourcePromo) generate the same number until customer 5, then the numbers change. I noticed that this happens when more than one customers from sourcePromo are in the model.


Since all the sources have their own seed number, all the numbers in the wantstable should be equal. Why it is not the case?


I attach the models for reference and if you are going to check them, suggest to see what happens in model VS2 at the 6th customer from sourcePromo.



Who Me Too'd this topic