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Home license

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I have read this guide from Ally_PLM, but have a few questions.



We have 3 licensed at work, currently only using 2 of them (3rd was for a future server).

Me and my co-worker would like to install a "home license", so we can practice and work from home (we're both new to Solid Edge and have to learn everything from scratch without training).


So my questions are:


 - Does a standard Solid Edge license come with home license?

 - The "License types" stated in the guide does not appear when choosing a license type. Instead the .dat file start to download.

- Should I choose "travel" license or the other one (see pictures)?

- I see no where to fill in information where the license will be use, as stated in the guide.


That's about it Smiley Happy







Who Me Too'd this topic