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ST8 MP03 seems slow.

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PLM World Member Legend

I have a colleague who updated ST8 to MP03.  He went straight from the OOTB installation to MP03 skipping the first 2 MP's.


He has found some serious speed degradation with MP03 compared to the OOtb installation.  Prior to applying MP03 Solid Edge (OOTB) was fast and responsive, and a pleasure to use.  After applying MP03 Solid Edge has become extremely laggy.  It hangs with just about every command.  It is not so noticeable with single parts or small assemblies, but gets worse with larger assemblies with interpart copies, etc.  I have found the same thing on my machine as well.


Can anybody confirm if ST8 MP03 is a lot slower than the OOTB installation?





Who Me Too'd this topic