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hole making frustrations

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PLM World Member Legend
Am I the only one constantly struggling with hole making operations? When the holes are not oriented in the ZM axis, about 50% of the holes, NX comes up with the wrong hole orientation. It's even so absurd that a blind threaded hole may get accessed from within the part with the thread starting from the bottom going up. I can correct it by switching from blind to through hole, flip the orientation, switch back to blind. The tool path is correct, the visual high lighted thread is still wrong.
Another annoying thing is the time NX needs to identify holes once the are selected. Especially when some holes are right and some holes are oriented wrong.
This is computer independent, and happens both on customized environment as on ootb NX. These same issues happen on all versions of NX since hole making was introduced.
I'll post some screen shots the coming days to show it.
Patrick Delisse
KMWE - Aero Engine
NX 12.0, TC 11.2, CAMPOST V22, Vericut 8.2, TDM 4.8
C#, VB, .NET
Who Me Too'd this topic