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Process simulate: Virtual Commisioning




I have a some questions about VC with Process Simulate:


I have made an robotic cell in PS12.1.1 witch i want to connect to a real PLC (TIAPORTAL Project)

we wil use I/O and Safety I/O with Profinet/Profisafe...


the main goal is to do a complete VC for this project:


A) What hardware setup wil i need for this? (do i need extra hardware, SIMBA-Box??)


b) What can i test in Process Simulate? (Robot program's, safety doors, conveyers?)


c) How much work and witch work is needed to prepare a VC project for 1 simple PLC cell (ex:3 robots, 2 fixure's, 1 rollerdoor..)

-> I got the Process simulate dump with all path's and devices ready (standard mode/ NOT line simulation mode) 


thanks in advance!


Frederik VMA

Who Me Too'd this topic