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NX Maintenance Packs

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello all,


Amature question here.  I'm new to my employer and this community as well. 


I am working on some issues some of my colleagues have been reporting inside of NX, and noticed we have not participated in downloading any of the "Maintenance Packs" provided by Siemens.  I have a few questions, hopefully some of you are able to spread some knowledg on.


We are currently operating on version (We are 48 patches behind)


1.  Are the maintenance packs necessary?  What are some of your experiences with fucntionality of maintenance packs and do you recommend I update?


2.  Do the maintenance packs need to be applied sequentially? (Since we have no patch, will I need to apply them one at a time in order, or can I jump to the latest version)


Any input is appreciated! Thanks!







Who Me Too'd this topic