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Waituntil before sending to successor




I am currently stuck with a problem regarding the waituntil control. 


In my attached photo you can see four variables. QT_Total is the sum of QT_Turning1 and QT_Turning2 (which are the Queue time of Buffer_Turning1 and Buffer_Turnning2).

The variable Stop_Flow is set to False when QT_Total < 4800 and True otherwise. 


I want to write a method (Method_StopFlow2) that make the MUs wait at BufferMilling if Stop_Flow = True and wait until the variable is set to False again.


Could anyone please help me? My method does not work. It sets the variable back to False when the QT_Total < 4800, but it won't start sending the MU's again. 


Right now the method for setting the variable Stop_Flow to true or false is located in the Drain's Entrance Control. The Mwthod_StopFlow2 is located in BufferMilling's Exit Control.




Who Me Too'd this topic