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Solid Edge BOM structuring


Hey all,


"Quick question" on BOM structures in Solid Edge. Coming from Inventor, there was the ability to mark assemblies as "Phantom" - meaning that if you placed the phantom assembly into another assembly, the BOM print out of the parent assembly would appear flat, but the sub-assembly could still be opened and edited independently.


For example if you had an assembly with 3 sub-assemblies, one marked phantom (composed of say 4 sub-components), and some number of sub-components, the BOM would come out looking roughly like:


Furthermore, would the parts list on a JT file reflect this?


Parent Assm

 - Sub-Assm 1

 - Sub-Assm 2

 - Component 1

 - Component 2

 - Component 3 (Phantom Sub-Assm)

 - Component 4 (Phantom Sub-Assm)

 - Component 5 (Phantom Sub-Assm)

 - Component 6 (Phantom Sub-Assm)

 - Component 7

 - Component 8


The relevant help page from AutoDesk:

Who Me Too'd this topic