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Frame Enhancements


I would be very interested to know what others think of the Frame Environment and what in your opinion would be some great enhancements to make the product better.


I seem to be using it quite a bit lately and for the most part it is a great tool. Very flexable. However there are a few things that could make its functionality much better.


When ever I make an assembly, each part is given a part number which is used as a BOM as well as the drawing number. However when I make a frame I cannot use the part number of the individual components as they all share the same part number. I have to make a messy job of using one assembly drawing with multiple sheets and referring the individual parts base on their item number.


Enhancement 01 - Each component have its own Part Number.


Enhancement 02 - In the drawing view wizard preview it shows the original part not the frame component when you are wanting to select only one component from the frame for the drawing. It would be nice to see the frame component as a preview.


I know that you can save the individual components as separate parts but you then loose the functionality of making any adjustments with the driving sketch.


I intend making a change request but thought I would get the opinion of others to see if the two enhancements I have listed are worth putting forward.



Who Me Too'd this topic