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How to insert existing gcode into a UDE or have the Post insert text from an external file?

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

I have a situation where I need to insert external gcode into a NX Cam Tape. I can think of three ways to do this:


1) Edit the tape after posting (undesirable since this would have to be done every time I post)


2) Use some kind of a UDE command to key the Post to input the contents of an external file.


3) Use an NXOpen command to read an external file and input its contents into a UDE using Insert statements.


I am not fond of #1 becaust it leaves the possibility that I could forget to do the edit and thus not get the desired result.


I would much prefer to use 2 or 3 for this but I do not know how to accomplish this. Does any one know of any samples that do something like this. I am currently having to put each line of gcode into a series of insert statements manually and this works fine for small snippits but it is a lot of work and prone to mistakes when you have a lot of external gcode. 



In case you are wondering the external gcode is something that NX is unable to produce itself and it is proven to work well so inserting it directly into the tape is a safe and desirable option.


I am using NX9 and PostBuilder Post for this.


Any Ideas or Thoughts would be appreciated.

Thank You

Who Me Too'd this topic