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JAVA and JAVA-Environment-Variables for TC

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi all,


I would like to know what is the best JAVA-Installation for Teamcenter 10.1.6 and 11.2.2.


  • Which is the best JAVA version to use? 7u17++ or 8u30++?
  • Did anyone install both versions 32Bit and 64Bit on a 64Bit machine?
  • Which environment-variables do I have to set for proper work?
    JAVA_HOME -> to 32 or 64Bit version directory?
    _JAVA_OPTIONS=-Xmx512M -> using it I have big problems with tchelp installer.
              Do I have to use it anywhere?
              Do I have to set it to other values?
    Are there any other important JAVA-relevant environment varaibles?
  • I have installed JAVA JRE and JDK in the root drive C:. Then I have copied it to my app-folder for Teamcenter and NX. I pointed all the above variables to that destinations. So I can update later the original JAVA-programs, without changing them in my TC-Environment.
    Do anyone of you do the same?

I would like to know, how other users of you will do it, do figure out the best way of using JAVA in Teamcenter environment. Hope we will get many discussions on it.



Michael Eichelberg, CAD-Consultant, Dr. Wallner Engineering Nord GmbH
Production: NX11.0.2, NX12.0.2
Development: Batch and VB Testing: NX(1847, 1851, 1872)
Who Me Too'd this topic