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Renaming tool library causing old programs to alarm.


We are starting to phase in WinTool for tool management.

When you import a tool from WinTool into NX it clears out the default NX tool library (this is meant to happen.)

However, we want to phase in WinTool as we gradually build our library up.

So, instead of our NX Preferences using the metric tool_database.dat  file I have copied the original and renamed it tool_database2.dat.


I have pointed the tcl file here -

set fname ""
   set fname [append fname $env_var "tool_database2.dat"]

  return $fname


However, this is good moving forward, but if I open an old program in NX and double click a tool or choose "EDIT" NX gives me a MOM:TCL Interpreter alarm?


The Manufacturing Operation must record where the tool library was? Now it won't let me edit these tools. I have tried updating from library but this does not make any difference.


Any ideas?

Who Me Too'd this topic