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Design Manager Performance issue



the performance of the new design manager when selecting/deselecting files is catastrophic!

I have an assembly with about 5000 parts (800 unique). in the first step i choose "select all" and then "save as". In the dialog i choose "keep structure" (i don't know the exact descriptions because i use the german version). This command is slow, but it's acceptable.

In the next step i "select all", and then "choose files" to deselect some files. This is when the big problem starts. I have three text patterns of files i would like to deselect befor searching for the related drawings:

  • *Kaufteile*
  • *Standard Parts*
  • *Frames*

Deselecting of one Pattern takes about 30-45 minutes! At the beginning of the process, i can watch how slow each line is deselected.

With the old revision manager the "deselect" process was under 1 min per pattern i think.

Is there a possibility to get the old revision manager active?

Is there a possibility to speed up the deselecting process?

I tried pack and go, but it grabs also the old drawings, which makes me more work in the rest of my process.

Greetings from Germany
Christian Kunkel
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