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Adjustable assemblies issues




I'm back on Solid Edge after many years with Creo/ProEngineer... 


And I find myself having some issues with adjustable assemblies. 

The assembly is as simple as can be, a cabinet with two doors, each door has two hinges, and I want the doors to open and close. I have the hinges as a subassembly with correct degrees of freedom and limitation of the movement with an angular (range) relationship. Drag component in the hinge-assembly works as intended with no issues.


I have the doors as another subassy, where I mount the hinge-subassy - this is where it gets funky...

The hinges are placed as adjustable, and sometimes the drag component function works OK, sometimes not at all - sometimes the complete hinge-subassy explodes and everything f***s up... But if I toggle the hinge-subassy back to rigid, then back to adjustable again it looks good again. 


I have also noticed that when the drag component function works, if I drag the components so that the hinges reach the limit of the angular range, and I then exit the drag component command - some of the under constrained parts in the hinge-subassy suddenly becomes fully constrained. This causes the drag component function not to be valid for the hinge-subassy due to the lack of degree of freedom...


Anybody seen anything like this? 

Does it make any difference which part that is the ground part when creating an assembly intended to be adjustable? I have no mating relationship to any reference planes and so on...




The hinge is an imported, simplified part, hence the geometry is not 100% and some of the parts in the assembly are intersecting when assembled and when the hinge is working in its range of motion. This is not a problem for me, hence I have not invested time i correcting this. Also I cannot see that this should be an issue as long as I don't have any collision detection activated. 


-Eivind Hansen-
ST10 ( x64)
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