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Resizable UI Creation

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Solution Partner Valued Contributor

I'm struggling with creating a resizable UI in Rulestream using the Custom UI Designer. It seems like there's a trick that I'm missing, or my expectations are wrong.


I've created a panel that I've set it' size to my minimum UI size. All my controls are within this panel, and I've configured these controls with anchors and docking. When I drag the size of the panel, the resizing behaves as expected. So far, so good.


Now I want to make the panel resizable (last step before releasing), and that's where I'm struggling. I've tried several variations of this workflow, but have no luck.


Dock the main panel with Fill

Whether the designer screen is maximized or not, when I set the main panel to Dock with Fill and compile, the panel is too big for the window size and the right and bottom portions of the panel are cut off.


Anchor Top,Left,Bottom,Right

I tried anchoring the panel on all sides and setting the panel size to be inside the designer UI window, but my results are similar to docking with Fill, in that the panel is too large.



I discovered the AutoSize setting and have tried a few combinations of the above with AutoSize = True, but the results are the same.


Has anyone been successful creating a resizable UI with the custom UI designer?

Who Me Too'd this topic