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New DXF/DWG Export/Import Wizard mystery?


Have you tried to import those NX exported DXF files? For me, it gives an error message and fail to open. NX DXF/DWG import wiz’s Preview window shows the view but it doesn't open. I could open with E-drawings (Free application).


I don't know if I'm doing anything wrong with those many settings.

Please check the attached exported DXF file. Machinist needs my drawing in DXF format with dimension origin coincide with absolute zero. How would you do this?
In earlier versions, I 2d export IGES and moved the objects and then saved as DXF. With the new NX, there is a message saying that 2d Export function has moved to DXF/DWG Export Wizard. Does anybody know how to use new DWG/DXF export/import wizard to get the results I need?

Michael Fernando

Die Designer

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