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Part QTY in Draft


First let me say that this forum has been a life saver… after starting a new job using SE, I never dreamed it would be so different than all the other 3D softwares out there… I have always said “3D software is 3D software” boy, was I wrong… So thanks to all the contributors here!


My Issue:


We do a very basic style of Production Drawings consisting of one main assembly, occasional sub-assembly and individual piece-part drawings… don’t want to get into the reasons why we do somne of the things we do, because I cant answer those questions lol… im just trying to make an archaic method more efficient. I will do my best to explain our process and what im looking for so bare with me….


On our assembly we put the total quantity to be produced, of the assembly, in the title block… our “bom” is a basic parts list, only referencing the quantities req for 1 assembly and the part number (also the dwg no.)

On our dtl drawings, we detail EACH individual piece… and in the title block reference the qty of the entire project… example: if the assembly req 4 of a certain part, and there are 25 assemblies req to complete the project, then the qty for that drawing would be 100… yeah.. you know because only we, designers, can do basic math.


 I have everything else coming though in lists and such from the “propseed” file and property callouts, but have not found a way to efficiently do the qty’s. So I have to do like others here do it, and cop/paste from one drawing to the next then go back and edit the qty... which isn’t so bad on small assemblies, but when you have 100+ parts in an assembly, it takes forever…


What Im Looking For:


If I were using Inventor, software I was “raised on”, I could have a Property Text in the Title Block that would recognize a part when it is placed on the dwg (if its the only part) and reference the parts qty in the assembly then formulato multiply by the total quantity of assmeblies as designated in the Custom Property "QTY", so that when you placed a “dependent” view of a part on the page, it would recognize it and update the QTY, simular to how SE will update the Sheets "Scale" to match the first placed view on the sheet. However, I cant figure out a way to do this in SE, if there is a way… Anyone have any ideas?


 Thanks in advance.

Who Me Too'd this topic