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ER 7851802 - Bend lines with angle information


Good day everyone, with this topic I would like to see if we are the only one with this reqeust. Also if possible I would like to gather as much support from the community as I can get ofcource. This case is 1 out of 2 of our biggest wishes in our wishlist in Solid Edge.

 1 Gpi logo.png


Company: GPI




Windows 10 Professional

Solid EdgeST8 – MP12


Solid Edge seats:

GPI – Division Netherlands:  11 Seats.

GPI – Division Poland:  5 Seats.


Our product contains an 100% custom made dynamic environment in Solid Edge.


2 Gpi uitleg.PNG

Problem case

For this problem I took an project that was easy to compare. These two projects have the most resemblances with each other, to have the best case with improving lofted flange.


Solid Edge:

3 Solid edge tekening.png




4 Autocad tekening.png


Solid Edge: Lofted flange flatten with bend table.

5 Solid edge bend table.png

Autocad: Produced cone from an lisp that gave the bending line and angle.

6 Autocad bend uitslag.PNG


The lisp has been made approx 15years ago, and till today SE doesn't provide any information about bending lines within the lofted flange.


I have tested it in ST10, and because of that I now would like some opinions from the community.

The Netherlands
Who Me Too'd this topic