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Export "Consolidated" BOM to Excel

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello All,


For quite some time now I've been searching for a way to export a "Flat" or "Consolidated" BOM to Excel, HTML, or richtext. Preferably Excel.  

What I mean by Consolidated or Flat BOM is essentially a parts list without the hierarchical structure.  For example; if the same parts contained in your top-level assembly, are also contained in a lower-level assembly, instead of showing the parts and quantity in the top assembly and them again in the lower assembly, just one solid list showing the part and total quantity for the entire assembly.  So, if the same bolt is contained in 30 different sub-assemblies, it shows that bolt just one time (one line) and the total quantity contained within the entire top-level assembly.


Is this possible through custom Excel export templates?  Can this be done by exporting from Structure Manager?


Thanks in advance!

Who Me Too'd this topic