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NX11 -Standard C++ exception caught. See system log for details


Hi guys,


We just started using NX11 at school. So I had to open a file my teacher made, but I couldn't. It gave me the following error: Error 1.PNG

When I click 'OK' it gives me antoher error:

Error 2.PNG

When I click 'OK' on this error, it just goes away and nothing happens anymore. When I try to open the same file again (without closing NX11), it doesn't show the previous errors anymore, but it shows the following:

Error 3.PNG


I can't seem to find the System log file, so I couldn't attach it.




PC specs:

HP omen

Windows 10 64-bit

I7 7700HQ

GTX 1050 2GB

12GB ram

256GB SSD + 1TB HDD (NX11 installed on SSD)

Who Me Too'd this topic