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What is your workplace server setup? Need reccomendations to speed up work.


Hi ,

We are currently 4 in our workplace using solidedge sT9. Our shared files are located on one of the 4 PCs .

An -Intel Xeon CPU  W3550 @ 3.07GHz

-20 Go RAM

-The three other pcs ares the same but with less RAM (12 go).

-Total files shared as of today. 27 314 files- 733 folders for 15.3 Go.

-Largest typical assemby is around 7 Mo  with 1000 files/parts

We are experimenting slow down and are trying to find the bottleneck.

Setting up the first PC as the server was a temporary solution and now we have to make a switch and don't want to spend money on a machine to big that we don't need.

According to other topics a NAS seems to be a good solution but mayby just another PC used just for this would work to.

What would you recommend as a cost effective solution and/or what is your server/workstation setup?

We did receive a quote and it added up to 10 000 $!!! Thas why we are asking for advice of professionals who actually work with 3d CAD.




Conveyor and industrial equipment designer.
Giving SE a chance.
Who Me Too'd this topic