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Database restoring through server restore point


Hi Guys,


Due to some problems I encounter with TC. I want to roll the server back to a restore point just after the latest upgrade when things worked fine. on even before the upgrade if that upgrade was the problem.


My idea is to save backup the database and then link it up to the TC after I manage to get TC to work properly.

So I will save the backup on storage that will neot be affected by the roll back.


My question is. If I did this succesfully, will it be possible to link the database that I backed up again to the fixed TC instalation?

Could there be any issues for example with template and so forth that will make it a problem? I guess to be safe I could use the current state to come back to if anything fails. But it will be interesting to here others's input before I go and spend another 40 hours to do something that may not work.

Who Me Too'd this topic