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SOP for Installation to Amazon AWS


First let me introduce what my role is and what we are trying to do. I am the solutions architect and belong to a DevOps team. We are trying to migrate an existing TeamCenter and ActiveWorkspace 3.2 environment from a series of physical hosted systems over to Amazon AWS as part of the corporate cost-out initiative (i.e. help save the company money not relying on company-owned datacenters anymore).


The end game/solution will allow for us to provide the application support team a way to fully automate the Teamcenter environment, using Scalr, Chef and Github to be able to setup the instances, configure the infrastructure/OS servers, install the Apache / JBosss apps in the web tier and deploy the WAR files. We wil also be able to automate the enterprise tier in a similiar fashion, using silent installation, as needed for scaling up or down the TCs, depending on load of the web and application servers and whatnot. Hopefully.


So after conversing with the present TeamCenter PLM support team, we are trying to come up with a plan of action on what steps are needed to migrate the environment over to Amazon AWS. They were nice enough to provide us the PDFs for TeamCenter 11.2 installation, but making sense of these things is a whole another ballgame.


As a proof of concept (so our team can see what's involved and resources needed), I have setup an EC2 RHEL7 instance in our AWS environment. Problem is, now I am confused after reading (and re-reading) the UNIX/Linux installation guide. It seems the guide (written like a 'choose your own adventure') seems to be geared more for physical based systems rather than virtualized environments or even cloud solutions.


So my question is, has anyone installed/deployed the TeamCenter 11.x application to a virtualized environment or better yet, Amazon AWS (or any other cloud environment)? If so, would they mind helping with what needs to be setup and the order steps? We are wanting to use an Oracle RDS instance for the Oracle database, but the installation steps under the Foundation Database part is looking for a Database Path as if it exists on the local system (which it doesnt) and Database Paths don't exist within RDS. So we are a bit stuck on how to proceed.


Who Me Too'd this topic