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Relation 'intol outtol' and CNC code lines for freefrom machining


I was pointed out today at the limitation of our controller in measures of lines per minute/second executable.
So my thought was to try and grasp how the relation could be of path tolerances and amount of lines of NC code.


Theoretical example:
- I can drive up to 60m/min my axis,
- and up to 0.5ms /line of code.
> so I can only program 120 000 lines of code /min,
> so per line I can take steps of min. 0.5 mm per line?

When I enter a intol and outtol of 0.001mm , would that not produce on a freefrom surface too much lines of code to be running at full feed?
Ofcourse this situation is a bit extreme, I haven't been anywhere near this point.
But is the thought behind it correct? 
What would be the expectable relation between intol and outtol values and the lines of code for general freeform milling? 

Who Me Too'd this topic