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Cannot view results for SIM files made in NX8.5 after switching to NX11


Recently switched to NX 11 from NX 8.5 and can't seem to get FEA working the same.


Loaded up an old file and hit solve, it did solve but when you go to view the results it says "Result not loaded: Result File is in wrong format." That was a SOL101 simulation, results show as colored but you can't load them. Similar issue with a modal analysis SOL 103 - it runs but the results show up grayed out and it gives this message "Solution Result: The file D:\Current\AJC50066_001_r_1\ajc50066_001-modal_analysis.op2 is not found."


Tried new files, made them the same way I always used to, and if they ran at all it took a while and I got memory warnings on my PC (Low Disk Space on D: Drive) and then no results. Switching to a much larger mesh size will run. I used to use 1/3 automesh, now I have to use a mesh size even greater than the auto value - why does it suggest a size it can't run?


So it seems like a memory allocation issue with NX 11, probably a setting somewhere we had on NX 8.5 but didn't realize we needed to set for NX11.


Any clue as to what settings I should be looking at?

Who Me Too'd this topic