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Views on Synchronous Modeling

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Honored Contributor

I've been using NX since before "Direct Editing", and now "Synchronous Modeling", so I view those tools as something to be used on an imported "dumb" body, since that is what they were designed for.


Now, the OOTB Home tab in the modeling application has the Synchronous tools right there, so new users don't see them as something for use on an imported dumb body, but simply tools to be used.  I find more and more models from our new users, that have synchronous features thru out the feature tree.  Personal opinion, they seem less stable, when ohter changes are made, and much like 'bandaids', in the modeling method.


So I guess my question is two fold, what is Siemens PLM's opinion on the use of Synchronous Modeling tools?  is there a "best practice" for when to use them?  and how do other users feel about their use?


...or am I just stuck in my old ways, and out of date, in avoiding there use, for anything other than imported data?


Talking with another long time NX user, he feels Synchronous features should only be at the begining of the tree, when starting with a dumb body, or at the very end, for a quick clean up, of a traditional scratch built model.



NX1867(if it had versions) | Teamcenter 11.6 | Windows 10
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