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Is it Possible to use SDAMPING Case Control In SOL108(Direct Frequency Response)?


Hello everyone


I want to input complex young's modulus of the EPDM rubber,
which is composed of a storage modulus ๐บ๐‘  and a loss modulus ๐บ๐‘™ that vary with frequency.


Except for details and According to the In Advanced Dynamic user's guide (170 pages), it is required to create TR (f) and TI (f) corresponding to TABLED1 as shown below and select corresponding TABLED1 using SDamping Case control. 

1.Advanced Dynamic user's guide(170Page).JPG


However, SOL108 does not seem to be able to apply the SDamping Case control. I would appreciate it if you let me know what I am missing.

Who Me Too'd this topic