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Enable OS Bar V4 in Angular Application

I am trying to implement the OS Bar V4 in my application made using Angular. I followed the guidelines in the documentation and also based the changes I had to make to my app from this great example on how to add the OS Bar V4 in an Angular application.


The error I am getting when I load the app in my browser (Chrome) is the following:


main.d34aa40ff1c11c0944d3.js:1 ERROR Error: Expecting function got: undefined
    at t.wrap (polyfills.20d0bb3b90b253b298ff.js:1)
    at h (polyfills.20d0bb3b90b253b298ff.js:1)
    at polyfills.20d0bb3b90b253b298ff.js:1
    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
    at CustomElementRegistry.e.(/anonymous function) (
    at CustomElementRegistry.value [as define] (custom-elements-es5-adapter.js:13)
    at new e (osbar.min.js?1548181496369:1)
    at osbar.min.js?1548181496369:1
    at Is (osbar.min.js?1548181496369:1)
    at osbar.min.js?1548181496369:1

Any ideas?

Who Me Too'd this topic